It's great that you've decided to engage a life coach to help you accomplish your goal(s). This step represents a significant commitment by you to get in motion, so congratulations on taking the plunge.

I see my role as helping you determine if your current goals best serve you at this time, and if the answer is yes, then assisting you in figuring out how to move forward. If you've had trouble doing so, then we would figure out what's been holding you back and work to move through that resistance. Whatever we're addressing, you and I will come up with a long-term plan and short-term, achievable goals to help you make progress towards getting what you want.

I have found the best people I have worked with over the years have compassion and courage - compassion to understand and feel what someone is going through, and the courage to say what is on her or his mind, to honor the person with whom they are working enough to speak honestly and openly. That's what I try to do, and would make that commitment to you.

As far as my qualifications are concerned, I have an MBA from the Yale School of Management and founded and ran a business for over 20 years; after selling the business and a stint consulting, I went back to school and emerged with a rabbinic ordination, so I like to think I'm grounded in both the material and spiritual worlds, and I bring both perspectives to this work. I now work as a leadership and management development coach with executives in mid-to-high level corporate settings.

If you're intrigued about working together to take some steps towards transforming your life and current situation, let's talk.