A humorous, but also serious consideration of how complaining can take us out of the present moment

My iPhone is Killing Me: Jewish Perspectives on our Relationship with Technology
Mark Zuckerberg was the Commencement Speaker at Harvard in 2017. I spoke at Harvard two days after his speech. This was my response.
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One secret to a long-lasting, loving relationship

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Anti-semitism - reviewing the 2016 Anti-Defamation League Report
A review of Jewish thought on abortion - what the Torah and other texts have to say and the different policies of the various movements
Who counts as a Jew anyway? Where do Jews live? How many Jews live in the United States? Israel? Elsewhere?

The most influential Jews in history... weigh in with yours in Comments

A discussion of why Judaism sometimes isn't so welcoming and how its wisdom is for everyone, not just Jews
Which is inherently better - Latkes or Hamentashen? A review of the great debate that has raged since the 1940s.
In the wake of 100s of JCC bomb threats and multiple instances of Jewish grave desecration, I discuss whether any good could possibly come from these heinous acts.
What does it mean for something to be true? Did it actually happen, or is there another possibility?
Playing with the concepts of constriction and expansiveness. Passover is a model of this, but it of course applies to our lives every day as well.
Something to do when you first wake up. Judaism has a suggestion... how about a gratitude practice
Comparing the Mezuzah to Thich Nhat Hanh's concept of the Bell of Mindfulness
What can the story of Joseph, Moses and Pharaoh teach us about how to respond to a Trump presidency
Assessing how Donald Trump does on a Jewish ethics test based on a close reading of the Torah
Judaism has a lot to teach us about how we relate to technology and what the risks are if we do it badly
Jim Comey testified before the Senate on his history with Donald Trump. Here's a take on that testimony.
How do dogs demonstrate some of the most important mitzvot in Judaism
Responding to Bari Weiss' opinion piece in the New York Times describing how three Jewish women were banned from the Chicago Dyke Parade for carrying a rainbow flag with a Star of David
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Jewish prayer services happen 3 times a day, but why? And when else do Jews pray?
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